Status: Available

Age: 7 weeks

Sex: Female

Shipping: Available

maltese puppy for sale in az

This is Kelly! She is a cute baby girl Maltese. She likes to play all day with her toys and naps. You just can’t help but want to play with her when you see her. Kelly loves to go on adventures and hopes you’ll join her on them. Whether chasing the butterflies in the yard, or finding the cookie under the sofa, this impressive girl will have you laughing and loving her in no time. Don’t miss out on making Kelly part of your family.

Puppy considerations

  • Large-breed puppies need slow, sustained growth to help prevent orthopedic problems, such as hip dysplasia. Raise them on a diet designed for large-breed dogs or food for adult dogs. Whatever diet you choose shouldn’t overemphasize protein, fat, and calorie levels.
  • Small but chunky breeds, such as pugs, also need a lower-calorie diet than what’s provided by most puppy foods, because they’re also prone to hip dysplasia.
  • Feed your dog at set times each day rather than leaving food out all the time so he learns a schedule. The exceptions are tiny breeds such as Chihuahuas, who can be prone to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). They should always have food available to nibble on.
  • Never feed your puppy from the table. It only encourages begging. Everyone in the family must follow this rule.

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maltese puppy for sale in az


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