Status: Available

Age: 8weeks

Sex: Female

Shipping: Available

Maltese Puppies For Sale $500

Browny Maltese Puppies For Sale $500! He enjoys playing with toys, running in the grass, and playing with other puppies. He also likes a little cuddling time. His lovable nature and happy attitude will bring a smile to your face that will last a lifetime. Browny is the best of both worlds. This cuddle bug loves to snuggle under the covers, so make room for him in your home and heart. He will be vet checked from nose to tail and will arrive up to date on his vaccinations. He is just waiting for the right person to come along and scoop him up, so don’t miss out on this charming cutie maltese!

Openness To Strangers Maltese Puppies For Sale $500

How welcoming a breed is likely to be towards strangers. Some breeds will be reserved or cautious around all strangers, regardless of the location, while other breeds will be happy to meet a new human whenever one is around!


How enthusiastic about play a breed is likely to be, even past the age of puppy hood. Some breeds will continue wanting to play tug-of-war or fetch well into their adult years, while others will be happy to just relax on the couch with you most of the time.

baby maltese puppy for sale


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