Frequent Asked Questions

Frequent questions asked by clients

1.  Are Maltese hypoallergenic?
The Maltese fall under the class of hypoallergenic dogs

2. Are Maltese dogs easy to train?
The Maltese are very docile dogs. Training a Maltese is not a particularly hard task, as they are bound to do whatever you ask of them.

3. What is the life expectancy of a Maltese dog?
A Maltese dog has a life expectancy of about 12 to 15 years.

4. Are there other colors of a Maltese dog?
Maltese dogs are predominantly white.

5. Can you dye a Maltese dog?
You will need to get a Maltese dog to a proper groomer to dye their coat without complications. Otherwise, it is safe.

6. Does a Maltese dog suffers from separation anxiety
A Maltese dog tends to act up if it is left alone for a long period.

7. Can you trim a Maltese dog?
A Maltese dog is trimmed to reduce the amount of time spent on grooming.

8. How long can you leave a Maltese dog alone?
A Maltese dog should not be left longer than 8 hours alone.

9. Does a Maltese dog shed a lot?
A Maltese dog does not shed a lot.

10. What is the height of a Maltese dog?
A male Maltese is about 21- 25cm, while a female Maltese is about 20-23cm.

If what you need is a companion dog, that will grow to love you and your family and Vice Versa you would love a Maltese dog