About Us

The Aim of Maltese Puppies store

We offer gorgeous Teacup  puppies for sale and we are specialized in teacup maltese puppies with extreme gorgeous faces and beautiful expressive eyes at a nice Cost. we strive to offer you the most elite luxury Teacup puppies with the warrantee that would be very unlikely to find on your own. we work with our partners worldwide and through our breeders program in the US and overseas, we are able to provide you with lovely Teacup puppies. We have an indoor licensed vet technician who does regular checks on the puppies. We have worked with him for over 11 years and we have been able to sell only healthy teacup Maltese to our clients We also have partners who send their teacup Maltese for us to sell. Once our partners have a new puppy they send us photos, videos and tell us in detail about the puppies and we list on our website. We are always ready to hear from you.

Maltese puppies team

Our Maltese puppies are not just a group of dogs. They are a part of our family, we spend countless hours with our Maltese and other farm animals. They all make up our family; the Maltese, the mini horses, goats, chickens, and turtles. One of the first (and still our favorite) comments from a family purchasing one of our pups, was; “I don’t know what all you are doing with these pups, but keep it up. Because these are some sweet and amazing pups.” This means so much to us that our love for our pups is showing in the personalities they are developing, even at such a young age. You can try every day, but you will never outlove a Maltese, all they want to do is love you more every day.

Our Experience 

An immense amount of knowledge, years of study, experience, endless sleepless nights, and a patient heart full of love goes into raising a happy, healthy litter. No corners are cut and it is our ambition to produce a phenomenal teacup Maltese with the desired body structure, movement, and temperament who will be your best friend for many years to come. We are driven by quality and excellence of this breed, not price.Our puppies are not for everyone, but that handful of families who own a Highland teacup Maltese will choose us over and over again. We often times have repeat buyers and could not be more humbled and thankful for the reputation we hold.